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I'd like to restrict using PHP-CLI for a user. I mean on the same server, I want to use PHP-CLI with my account and I want no other user to access PHP-CLI interface. Or choose which user can use it.

Is this possible?

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Now everything is possible. You could use some kind of jailshell or something to block access to binaries you want. –  Jompper Jan 15 at 21:25
Generally root/system administrator can do everything. So the answer strictly is no. (Except if "the" user is the root...) –  Lajos Veres Jan 15 at 21:32
Yes, I meant except the root. –  digiogi Jan 15 at 21:43

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Many ways. A simple one:

chmod 754 /usr/bin/php
chgrp php /usr/bin/php

Then add only the person you want to that php group

Of course, apache or the web user should also be in that group too.

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So the user who is in the "php" group can execude commands and no other user can, right? –  digiogi Jan 15 at 21:38
Yes. And of course root user can do anything. That won't change. –  Moe Tsao Jan 15 at 21:57
Thank you. This is good for my Ubuntu server. Is there anyway to disable CLI on cpanel? –  digiogi Jan 22 at 18:02
cpanel runs with apache user. You probably will need to do some serious hacks to get there. –  Moe Tsao Jan 23 at 0:02

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