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I want to plot correlations between two matrices, adding the p-values (having white cell where the p-value is higher than 0.05) I found this code on the corrplot package manual.


cor.mtest <- function(mat, conf.level = 0.95) {
mat <- as.matrix(mat)
n <- ncol(mat)
p.mat <- lowCI.mat <- uppCI.mat <- matrix(NA, n, n)
diag(p.mat) <- 0
diag(lowCI.mat) <- diag(uppCI.mat) <- 1
for (i in 1:(n - 1)) {
    for (j in (i + 1):n) {
        tmp <- cor.test(mat[, i], mat[, j], conf.level = conf.level)
        p.mat[i, j] <- p.mat[j, i] <- tmp$p.value
        lowCI.mat[i, j] <- lowCI.mat[j, i] <- tmp$conf.int[1]
        uppCI.mat[i, j] <- uppCI.mat[j, i] <- tmp$conf.int[2]
return(list(p.mat, lowCI.mat, uppCI.mat))

res1 <- cor.mtest(mtcars, 0.95)

##specialized the insignificant value according to the significant level
corrplot(M, p.mat = res1[[1]], sig.level = 0.2)

I'm supposing that mtcars is my data frame...How can I modify the code using two matrices?

I calculated the correlations using corr.test in psych library.

cor.matrix <- corr.test(data1,data2,method="spearman")

but if I try

res1 <- cor.mtest(cor.matrix, 0.95), it give me an error...

How can I modify this code?

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what is the matrix M? –  Wilmer Henao Jan 15 '14 at 22:56

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