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How can I convert a UITextRange object to an NSRange? I've seen plenty of SO posts about going the other direction but that's the opposite of what I need. I'm using the UITextRange selectedTextRange which is a property of a UITextView. It returns a UITextRange but I need a range.

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You need something like this:

- (NSRange) selectedRangeInTextView:(UITextView*)textView
    UITextPosition* beginning = textView.beginningOfDocument;

    UITextRange* selectedRange = textView.selectedTextRange;
    UITextPosition* selectionStart = selectedRange.start;
    UITextPosition* selectionEnd = selectedRange.end;

    const NSInteger location = [textView offsetFromPosition:beginning toPosition:selectionStart];
    const NSInteger length = [textView offsetFromPosition:selectionStart toPosition:selectionEnd];

    return NSMakeRange(location, length);
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UITextView has a property

@property(nonatomic) NSRange selectedRange;
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This doesn't answer the OP's question. There are valid reasons why you need to convert from UITextRange to NSRange. –  Stunner Mar 1 at 4:01

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