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Not really sure how to ask this question in Google so I am here. I apologize in advance if this is a simple question that shouldn't be here.

I am creating a user control that will do it's own custom painting. In the Paint event I want to call several classes, by passing in the e.Graphics object, and have each class do various drawings. This part isn't difficult, the part I cannot figure out is how to expose each class' properties to the Visual Studios properties window. I.e.

 private Class1 (Draws a background template)
    Color properties, dimension properties, etc.
 private Class2 (Draws a list of shapes)
    Color properties, dimension properties, etc.

Each class' properties are specific to that class. So, no, they cannot be shared. I would like when I put my usercontrol on a form that I can access the properties of each class, Class 1 and 2, from the properties window in Visual Studios without having to rewrite code in the usercontrol properties to pass along to each class for each property.

* UPDATE * I found the solution here.

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