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Say I have a Category model/controller, and a TestFile model/controller.


has_many testfiles


belongs_to category

I've also nested the resources like so:

resources :categories do
    resources :testfiles

I want Users to be able to create TestFiles. In the form for creation, I want them to be able to specify a category that the test will go under.

However, the route to create a new testfile that is generated with the nesting of resources is:


which requires a category_id attribute to call.

How do I, in a sense, delay the setting of the category until the creation of the testfile? Thanks.

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Can't you also just have a :testfiles resource? –  Dave Newton Jan 16 at 0:42
You mean instead of nesting them, just have :categories and :testfiles listed as two separate resources? –  Ryan Yu Jan 16 at 1:28
No, I mean have both. –  Dave Newton Jan 16 at 1:53
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