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I need to take a list of words and create a PNG file of each, with a transparent background.

I’d like my script to allow for adjustable opacity of the foreground, but I can probably also do it after the fact when the images get imported into Matlab.

I imagine this is doable with ImageMagick and have installed that on my Mac. If someone can give me the one line I’d need to turn a word into a PNG (the word can be the filename too) in Perl or Python, I can probably figure out the rest of the scripting.

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I found this to be applicable to your question:

convert -size 560x85 xc:transparent -font Palatino-Bold -pointsize 72 -fill black -draw "text 20,55 'Linux and Life'" linuxandlife.png
  • size 560x85 : the size (width x height) of the image
  • xc:transparent : xc means X window color, use "transparent" to get a transparent background
  • fond Palatino-Bold : the font of the text ( type "identify -list font" in the terminal to know all the supported fonts)
  • pointsize 72 : the size of the text
  • fill black : the color of the text ( check this link to know the names of the supported colors)
  • draw "text 20,55 'Linux and Life'" : the position of the text and the text itself
  • linuxandlife.png : the output image
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Thanks, I used draw and its sub option text. However I went through great pain finding that it didn't directly support multiple lines or \t\r\n characters. convert threw errors that didn't directly point at -draw's dislike of \r in the string. Instead one must create multiple -draw entries with separate x,y coordinates to create multi-line text after removing \t\r\n characters. Or use -caption or -annotate options instead of -draw which directly support multi-line. – TheHairyOne Dec 16 '15 at 17:37

Matplotlib (better known as pylab) would work great for this. Assuming ImageMagick is installed this script should work. (tested on Ubuntu 9.10)

import pylab as py, os

W = ['cat','dog','mouse']

for word in W:
    ax = py.axes(alpha=1.0) 
    os.system('convert -trim %s.png %s.png' % (word,word))

This creates three files on my system dog.png, cat.png and mouse.png all cropped with a transparent background.

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Sweet, I’ll give it a try this weekend! – yonatron Jan 22 '10 at 22:41
If this answer is what you were looking for, please mark it or let us know what else you need! – Hooked Feb 2 '10 at 17:52

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