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OK, im trying to make an iphone version of a game i made here is box2d or chipmunk better and where are some tutorials for each one

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I've written tutorials for Box2D and Cocos2D. I explain all the basic concepts - bodies, fixtures and their properties as well as providing example code: Introduction to physics on the iPhone using Box2d and Cocos2D – Ben Smiley Jun 7 '12 at 22:40
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If you download the Cocos2d SDK, in the included project is a sample of Box2d and Chipmunk. Just open the Xcode project called "cocos2d-iphone" and look Box2dtest and Chipmunkdemo. Box2d is more powerful, but I think a little harder to use than Chipmunk.

Here's the site for Cocos2d:

Download here:

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Chipmunk is straight C, while Box2D is C++. There is also a new set of Objective-C bindings for Chipmunk, but they are not free to use commercially.

As I understand it, Chipmunk does not support Continuous Collision Detection, but Box2D does. This is important to prevent "tunneling" (objects passing slightly through eachother when moving at high speeds)

At the end of the day, from what I hear, they're both great. If you prefer C++ to C or need continuous collision detection, you should probably choose Box2D.

If you'd rather use a pure C library, go with Chipmunk.

I personally use Box2D and my experience has been fantastic so far.

Also, I think Box2D has a different (possibly larger) set of joint types, so that could be something to consider...

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