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The documentation at http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/stable/interactive/notebook.html says

You can provide a conceptual structure for your computational document as a whole using different levels of headings; there are 6 levels available, from level 1 (top level) down to level 6 (paragraph). These can be used later for constructing tables of contents, etc.

However, I can't find instructions anywhere on how to use my hierarchical headings to create such a table of contents. Is there a way to do this?

NB: I'd also be interested in other kinds of navigation using ipython notebook headings, if any exist. For instance, jumping back and forward from heading to heading in order to quickly find the start of each section, or hiding (folding) the contents of an entire section. This is my wish-list - but any kind of navigation at all would be of interest. Thanks!

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There is an ipython nbextension that constructs a table of contents for a notebook. It seems to only provide navigation, not section folding.

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Thanks, I assume this is what the documentation was referring to. –  user2428107 Jan 18 at 4:54

Here is one more option without too much JS hassle: https://github.com/kmahelona/ipython_notebook_goodies

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As Ian already pointed out, there is a table-of-contents extension by minrk for the IPython Notebook. I had some trouble to make it work and made this IPython Notebook which semi-automatically generates the files for minrk's table of contents extension in Windows. It does not use the 'curl'-commands or links, but writes the *.js and *.css files directly into your IPython Notebook-profile-directory.

There is a section in the notebook called 'What you need to do' - follow it and have a nice floating table of contents : )

Here is an html version which already shows it: http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/ahambi/140824-TOC/blob/master/A%20floating%20table%20of%20contents.htm

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