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I am having an issue where if I have 2000 jobs queued and try to delete them with qdel all, it'll keep trying to delete the running jobs first. This means I have to wait a long time for the jobs to get deleted because removing from the Running list is slower than Idle list.

Thus how do I remove all Idle jobs without touching the Running jobs?

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Please paste a few lines and the header of qstat output with your usual combination of options. By parsing this output you can usually extract exactly the IDs of the jobs you wish to delete. –  Dmitri Chubarov Jan 17 at 11:37
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    import os
    import subprocess
    cmd = [ 'showq' ]
    output = subprocess.Popen( cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ).communicate()[0]
    jobid = [int(s) for s in output.split() if s.isdigit()]
    jobid2 = []
    for i in jobid:
        if i > 100000:
            jobid2 += [i]

    #jobid2 = jobid2[2000:3000]

    for i in jobid2:
        print len(jobid2)
        os.system('qdel ' + str(i))
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