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I am parsing a GIF 89a (yes, I need to) file and I am stuck on Application Extension blocks.

They have 13 byte header (including the beginning 21 FF 0B bytes) and then there is some data. How much data is there? How do I know know much to read?

You can skip the section below if you know the answer and just tell me :)

This page says:

ApplicationData contains the information that is used by the software application. This field is structured in a series of sub-blocks identical to the data found in a Plain Text Extension block."

Each sub-block begins with a byte that indicates the number of data bytes that follow. From 1 to 255 data bytes may follow this byte. There may be any number of sub-blocks in this field.

This way I can parse NETSCAPE 2.0 blocks which are:

03 01 00 00 00

so I have a loop in PHP:

for (;;)
  $size = ord(fread($handle, 1));
  if ($size == 0) break;
  fseek($handle, $size);

or the same in Delphi, if you prefer:

while F.Position < F.Size do begin
    F.Read(Size, 1);            // F is TFileStream
    if Size = 0 then break;
    F.Position := F.Position + Size;

The iteration goes:

size = read 1 byte; //size = 3;

read 3 byte;

size = read 1 byte;

size = 0 so break

So far, so good, here comes the problem: the XMP Data

So the bytes in this block go like this (ASCII below):

21 FF 0B 58 4D 50 20 44 61 74 61 58 4D 50

!`.XMP DataXMP

and then goes ASCII XML dump:

<?xpacket begin="" id="W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d"?> 

for about 500 bytes.

I obviously can't read it the same way I read NETSCAPE 2.0 blocks. It seems to be terminated with 00 byte. Should it just always read until 00 byte? Then if would fail on NETSCAPE 2.0 blocks!

How should a GIF decoder behave on Application Extension blocks? How much data is in them?

Problematic XMP Data image

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Ok- the NETSCAPE 2.0 block approach might be fine and it was failing on the XML because my file could be corruptly read.

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