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Hai guys, In my form there is a AXVS Flex Grid and a textbox.Firstly the textbox will not visible. When the focus will be on a particular column of the flexgrid then the textbox will be visible and the flex will be disable.The position of the text box will be at the bottom of the particular row at the first time. But when another row is inserted then i need to change the position of the textbox to the botoom of the new row and so on. How can i do this? Can any one help me.

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Position of a control can be retrieved and set using the Top & Left properties of the control. So you can get the Top,Left property of the inserted row and set the Top,Left property of TextBox accrodingly.


TextBox1.Top = InsertedRow.Top +=10
TextBox1.Left = InsertedRow.Left

This will bring the textbox below inserted row.

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