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I would like to present view controller with transparent to see parent below

// RootViewController.m    
SecondViewController *svc = [[SecondViewController alloc] init];
[self presentViewController: svc animated: YES completion:nil];

My SecondViewController was called and start-up with transparent for only 1sec and then become black no transparent even though I have tried code below:

// SecondViewController.m
self.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationCurrentContext;
[self.view setBackgroundColor: [UIColor colorWithRed: 51 green: 51 blue:51 alpha: 0.5]];

But it doesn't help, it still transparent for the time in 1sec and then no transparent anymore.

How to transparent ViewController to see parent?

Thank for reading.

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Are you presenting SecondViewController on iPad? I think presenting a transparent viewController is a little wired in visual effect . –  johnMa Jan 16 at 2:51
I am presenting SecondViewController in iPhone. –  Mab KaaKoo Jan 16 at 2:56
I prefer to us a customized container view controller to achieve this, system presenting view controller with some wrapper view and you don't want to set it's transparent. See Container View Controller Programming Guide –  johnMa Jan 16 at 3:08

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