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I want to use Open Flash Chart in Flex3/AS3 project?

I mean, How Can I use Open-flash-chart in Flex application client side.. ??? (I use FlashDevelop)

Can i do that by just adding .swf file?? If yes? then where to add? I am not using FlexBuilder, I am using FlashDevelop OR Command line for compiling..

Or I have to add .swc file.. ??? If yes, then how to generate one for open flash chart..???


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It is bit complicated than you thing to just add in flex project as Open Flash Chart is not meant to develop for integration in flex. I find a wonderful conversion in here Open Flash Chart 2 as a Flex SWC component with source code

Open Flash Chart 2 is amazing.

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Generally speaking, libraries are added by referencing either more code or a SWC. SWFs are typically used to load whole applications. The story gets more complicated if one begins to involve Runtime Share Libraries, but that seems beyond what you need to get started.

Using the command line, adding a swc based library is accomplished by modifying the library-path option.

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I make a new SWC base on WebASP's effort, and fixed some issue I met, include the pie tooltip issue,

You can refer my blog post http://www.smithfox.com/?e=87 for deatil

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