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I need to implement a functionality in one of my web app in such a way that if i host a webapp in the IIS (let say


), it should also open through


I simply cannot install my web app on the root web app i.e.


For this, I found a setting in web.config for IIS7 named as HttpRedirect. Which i set programatically during application installation.

But, I wouldn't able find the same setting for IIS6 which i can set programmatically. I found a solution through which it can be done but its manually. http://www.serverintellect.com/support/iis/iis-url-redirect/

Any idea on how to create this programatically in IIS6.

I am using c# as a language in .net4.

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Do you really need to set the redirect path programatically? –  saille Jan 16 at 4:04
Since you are trying to do this "programatically", having some code of your solution would help. Are you using WCF ? Web Api ? Are you looking for a solution to automate the manual aspect of iis url redirect in your installation ? If yes, are you using wix or installshield ? –  guiomie Jan 16 at 4:07
Yes. That's why I am looking for a solution. –  Manish Rawat Jan 16 at 4:08
@guiomie: Let's not make it complex. Consider a scenario, There are multiple webapps running on IIS6. Inside one of the app, there's another app which I hosted. Now, what I want is, whenever someone enter's the machine-name, the site which I hosted will get open. For this, I need to set the url-redirect in the root web app which is running under port 80. Correct. I can do this process manually in IIS6 as mentioned in the url in my post. But, i want to automate this process. It could be just a normal console application not any installsheild or wix. –  Manish Rawat Jan 16 at 4:09

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