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I'm looking for example C++ code that has the user input notes on their keyboard (ie, a = 'C', s = 'D', e = 'Eb' etc...) in real time and produces a tone. I looked at this similar question: Does anyone know of any C/C++/C# code libraries that do audio synthesizer emulation? but after both looking through harmony central and the search through sourceforge (suggested in the top answer), all of what I found were either c++ programs that require actual MIDI input (usually from an external keyboard), or that don't produce sounds and instead record them and save them to .wav or .mp3. I'm interested in producing sound in real time from computer keyboard (not MIDI) input. I'd especially like it if these tones were generated instead of sample-based.

Thanks in advance!

And just so you all know: my end goal is to make a simple Leap Motion synthesizer as a project to help me learn leap motion programming. but before doing that I want to learn c++ audio programming.

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I made my keyboard into a piano keyboard at one point using Windows-specific methods, so i guess I might have helpful code. –  chris Jan 16 at 5:00
I'm on a mac, but any code samples would definitely be helpful! –  Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad Jan 16 at 5:02
First of all, this chart is invaluable. Next, there's hopefully at least some native library to send data according to that spec. I just used midiOutShortMsg to send the data to play things. Other than that, all you need to worry about is the black magic of converting notes to MIDI tones. Here's something close to the play function I had: pastebin.com/4gHJiDcJ, which I believe I stole (black magic) from Turing's music stuff after wondering how Turing worked it. You might want to check that before distributing the code or anything. –  chris Jan 16 at 5:18
Thanks! I was hoping to avoid MIDI but this is still useful –  Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad Jan 16 at 5:26
Eh, I didn't find any license, but I did find something claimed to be cross-platform, which is probably why it seemed that half the files were useless when I was trying to find out how they worked. github.com/Open-Turing-Project/OpenTuring/tree/master/turing/… –  chris Jan 16 at 5:27

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