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I am use crystal report - 11 I want execute stored procedure with parameter using add command. I am tried below code-

exec sf02.gen_statement_data('MS0001','1-Nov-2013','15-Nov-2013')

but it fetch error invalid SQL statement. so please give me a solution for that.

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can you please let me know what is sf02? –  Ankit B Jan 16 at 6:12
sf02 is schema name and gen_statement_data is procedure name. –  Alone Jan 16 at 6:13
please refer How to call Stored Procedure –  Ankit B Jan 16 at 6:13
I don't want to add procedure like add table.I want call procedure using 'Add Command'. –  Alone Jan 16 at 6:15
please take a look to this link hope it will be helpful to you –  Ankit B Jan 16 at 6:23

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To call Stored Procedure from crystal report,

Set data source of report to Stored Procedure (DataBase Expert Wizard). That procedure must met thses requirement

1- You must create a package that defines the REF CURSOR (type of field that will be retrieved).

2- The procedure must have a parameter that is a REF CURSOR type. This is because CR uses this parameter to access and define the result set that the stored procedure returns.

3- The REF CURSOR parameter must be defined as IN OUT (read/write mode).

4- Parameters can only be input (IN) parameters. CR is not designed to work with OUT parameters.

5- The REF CURSOR variable must be opened and assigned its query within the procedure.

6- The stored procedure can only return one record set. The structure of this record set must not change, based on parameters.

7- The stored procedure cannot call another stored procedure.

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