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I have a adobe form which I need to incorporate in my mobile app which I created in application craft, But since the form is a little wide, opening it in Landscape solves my purpose. This is the reason I need the page to be fixed in Landscape while other pages will rotate according to the phone movement.

The only thing I have got is that there is a phone gap property but it sets the orientation of the complete app and not a page. So is there any way to do it?

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using following code fro sample https://github.com/champierre/pg-plugin-screen-orientation

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In the manifest, set this for all your activities:

<activity android:name=".YourActivity"

Let me explain:

  • With android:configChanges="orientation" you tell Android that you will be responsible of the changes of orientation.
  • android:screenOrientation="landscape" you set the default orientation mode.
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