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I have mainString from which i need to get the part of the string after finding a keyword.

NSString *mainString = "Hi how are you GET=dsjghdsghghdsjkghdjkhsg";

now I need to get the string after the keyword "GET=".

Waiting for a reply.

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Why not take a look at the documentation for NSString, I think you'll find what you need there:… –  Kenny Winker Jan 22 '10 at 6:38

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You can use a regex via RegexKitLite:

NSString *mainString = @"Hi how are you GET=dsjghdsghghdsjkghdjkhsg";
NSString *matchedString = [mainString stringByMatching:@"GET=(.*)" capture:1L];
// matchedString == @"dsjghdsghghdsjkghdjkhsg";

The regex used, GET=(.*), basically says "Look for GET=, and then grab everything after that". The () specifies a capture group, which are useful for extracting just part of a match. Capture groups begin at 1, with capture group 0 being "the entire match". The part inside the capture group, .*, says "Match any character (the .) zero or more times (the *)".

If the string, in this case mainString, is not matched by the regex, then matchedString will be NULL.

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Have a look at the NSString documentation.

Assuming your string really is so totally straightforward, you could do something like this:

NSArray *components = [mainString componentsSeparatedByString: @"GET="];
NSString *stringYouWant = [components objectAtIndex: 1];

Obviously, this performs absolutely no error checking and makes a number of assumptions about the actual contents of mainString, but it should get you started.

Note, also, that the code is somewhat defensive in that it assumes that you are looking for GET= and not separating on =. Either way is a hack in terms of parsing, but... hey... hacks are sometimes the right answer.

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Thanks for your reply. But what if i dont get the keyword in the particular String ?. It would crash then I guess –  Dont_Peep Jan 22 '10 at 6:54
execute the second statement only after checking the count of the array 'components', it should be 2 or more for the index 1 to be there.get the count as NSInteger count = [components count]; then using if statement if(count>1){NSString *stringYouWant = [components objectAtIndex: 1];} –  Nithin Jan 22 '10 at 7:11

You can get the location of the first occurrence of = and then just take a substring of mainString from the location of = to the end of the string.

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