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I am trying to mimic UISplitViewController with container.

I have two contains, the left one (MasterView) and the right one (DetailedView). Inside each container, it is UIViewController.

The left one has a tableview inside it. The right one has a UICollectionView inside it.

I want to use left side tableviewcell segue to the right side collectionview (replace segue), so I click different tableviewcell, the content of the collectionview will change. But it does not work. The error message is as below.

Could not find a split view controller ancestor for MasterViewController

I googled around, it seems the "replace segue" only works for splitview, is it correct?

But both my MasterViewController and Detailedview controllers are UIViewController.

How can I use "replace segue" from a tableviewcell inside Masterview to the collectionview inside the Detailed view?


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I used delegate to accomplish the task. –  user890207 Jan 21 '14 at 7:27

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