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In sharepoint 2007 , i have created three list




all book belong to a author and all author belong to a category. i have done this by creating a column in authors list which has a lookup to select categories. so that while creating new item in the list author we can select category . similar thing is done in books list for authors.

i have created a web part page which displays all three list one below other.

how can i perform filtering such in this page such that if i select any category it shows all authors and books under it ?

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You'll need to use CAML to query your list. There are several samples here: Writing CAML Queries For Retrieving List Items from a SharePoint List. You'll also need to download U2U CAML Query Builder for testing proposes.

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thanks a lot really appreciate it –  silverkid Jan 22 '10 at 10:28

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