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I'd like to implement syscall hooking in AIX. I wrote a pair of kernel extensions. The first one re-exports the original syscalls with a different name. The second one will actually override the syscall by redefining it, and then call the original one as exported by the first module.

For example: In first extension:


In second one:

open()/*my redefining open*/ 
   my_open();/*the original open*/ 

And I have some detail to consult with you guys.

  1. There are two export files in AIX: "/usr/lib/syscalls.exp" and "/usr/lib/kernex.exp". I think I should export the "my_open" into file "kernex.exp" in first extension, since the second one will use "my_open" as a kernel service.

  2. If the above understanding is right, I guess "open" in first one is a kernel service instead of a syscall. I know syscall "open" is corresponding to kernel service routine "sys_open" in Linux kernel. So I'd like to know what the name of "open" in AIX is.

  3. I think the second one should export the new "open" into file "syscall". When the second one will be loaded, the subsequent applicatiions will call the new one.

Is my understanding correct´╝č


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