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I've tried to follow the Rails docs when constructing a form_for under a namespace.

The pecularity with my case is that I'm rendering one form for each object instance, all together in the index view (see code below).

Why do I get the following error message:

"undefined method `textfield' for #  < ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder:0x00000103f04188>"  


namespace :admin do
  resources :plans


def index
  @plans = Plan.all


    <% @plans.each do |plan| %>
        <%= form_for [:admin, plan] do |f| %>
        <td><%= f.textfield :title %></td>
        <td><%= f.submit "Save" %></td>
        <% end %>
    <% end %>     
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It's Synatx issue it's f.text_field

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