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So there is an application I would like to patch. It uses GtkWidget as its topmost container. I would like to do what follows, check number of screens, if it is >2 then check the width of the screen the app is executed on (focus is on screen). I could use Xinerama but first I would like to try native Gtk things. What I do is:

  num_monitors = gdk_screen_get_n_monitors (screen);

Then I found a function gdk_screen_get_monitor_at_window(screen, ?window?) but it takes screen and GtkWindow as its argument. Unfortunately I have no window, only widget. I tried to get window by gtk_widget_get_parent_window(widget) or gtk_widget_get_window(widget) these always result in giving me GDK_IS_WINDOW (widget) failed. On the other hand gtk_widget_get_has_window(window) returns 1.

How can I determine screen the app was run on ? I need it to set width hints right.

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You're probably failing to get the window because the widget isn't realized and/or mapped, yet. You'll get NULL from gtk_widget_get_window() if it isn't.

The return value from gtk_widget_get_has_window() is probably static; a particular class of widget either always has a window, or never has one.

Try forcing the widget to be realized with gtk_widget_realize(), before extracting the window. If that fails, also try to map it.

You might want to investigate this from the other end, i.e. decide which screen you want/expect the widget to use, and look up that screen's info, without starting from the widget itself.

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I tried realize but did not help. gtk_widget_realize(widget); i = gdk_screen_get_monitor_at_window(screen, widget->window);t –  Dārayavahuš tdi Jan 16 at 11:22
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