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Idea: Computer A: at 03h00 pm generate to 2 primes are 5 and 7 Computer A: at 03h02 pm generate to 2 primes are 17 and 29

Computer B: at 03h00 pm generate to 2 primes are 5 and 7 Computer B: at 03h02 pm generate to 2 primes are 17 and 29

I built an RSA program, and now I want to develop my program by improving the confidentiality for RSA program. If I success, we will not have to exchange the public key for each other as normal. I know I have to build a new random function to put a seed number into that function and I know that if 2 computers have same seed number will generate same random number in same time ,but I don't know the relation between seed number, real time.

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There is no relation between seed and time, except that if you don't specify a seed, the time is used as a seed. –  Dariusz Jan 16 at 8:49
You are aware that the private key will then be the same as well? –  Henry Jan 16 at 8:50

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You don't state a specific question, so I'm assuming you are really asking if this is a good idea.

The answer is No. Your seeds are essentially non-random. If a 3rd party know what your methodology is, all they need to do is try "clock times" in the time interval they suspect that your key pairs were generated. This gives a dramatically increased probability of regenerating the actual keys ... than if you had used real random numbers.

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