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I'm exporting layers from a Photoshop PSD file with Imagick and PHP, but finding that some of the layers are often corrupted as in the attached image. When opening the image in Photoshop, everything appears to be fine.

I expected the problem to be with the PHP script so I tried exporting with the following commands from the command line:

convert filename.psd -set dispose Background -coalesce new.png

convert filename.psd lsu.png

but both cause the same results.

When I rasterize all the layers in Photoshop, it fixes the problem. So I'm thinking the corruption is because ImageMagick is incapable of exporting layers with layer masks and effects applied?

I'm not really sure if these features are supported and can't really find info on PSD features supported in the ImageMagick documentation, and it would be awesome if it is, and I'm just doing it wrong. We really wan't to avoid imposing additional steps our graphics designers need to take to prep for a PSD template system we're developing.

Is there an alternative way to export the PSD layers, even if they contain layer masks and effects applied? A different command line utility perhaps?

enter image description here

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Can you add a link to your psd file? –  dlemstra Jan 16 at 9:27

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