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I have to execute a abc.bat file in a perl script.

If I run the batch file manually it asks for first param at first step. When I provide this at second step it will ask for second param..

I need to call this abc.bat file in a perl script

Something like..

system(‘abc.bat’); or exec()

But how to provide param run time..

The abc.bat batch file is a calling a java myclass which takes two params at runtime.

Below is the batch file

@echo off
set classpath=.\my.jar;%classpath%
"%JAVA_HOME%"\bin\java com.myclass
@echo on

Please help .. Thank you.

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any one could you please help me on this? –  smriti Jan 16 at 10:41
stackoverflow.com/questions/7426653/… Its better to pass at batch file level itself –  Gaurav khurana Jan 16 at 12:17

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Can you just use the %ENV variable to do everything directly in perl? Maybe:

$ENV{classpath} = ".\\my.jar;$ENV{classpath}";
system("$ENV{JAVA_HOME}\\bin\\java com.myclass");
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