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I'm having a weird problem with using jQuery UI Draggable and setting custom data.

My code:

    .data('foo', 'bar')
        stop: function(event, ui) {
            var foo = $(this).data('foo');
            alert(foo); // alerts 'undefined'

It seems it's losing all it's when dragging (console.log'ing $(this).data inside stop() shows an empty object). Is

Any ideas?


Silly silly me, I was doing a $(ui.draggable).remove() inside the drop-function of the droppable i was dragging the object into, so the object was removed before it could get any data. You would think that the draggable's 'stop'-event would be called before the droppable's 'drop' event though...

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Are you using jQuery UI 1.7.2 ?

I test it and every thing is working fine

check this link on JSBin

click preview to run the code.

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Yes, I'm using 1.7.2, with jQuery 1.4. I can't really understand why it isn't working. Somehow the data object of $(this), inside 'stop' is an empty object, but if i console.log $('.drag').data() after my previous code, it shows the correct data. –  Per Holmäng Jan 22 '10 at 7:52
instead of $(this) try use $('.drag') –  balexandre Jan 22 '10 at 8:24

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