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I have a Wordpress site that has very recently getting a lot of login attempts. Woke up with over 100 alerts, and they are still coming in. I changed the login url to something obscure, but I am still getting alerts of users trying to login, they are using different usernames each time. And different IP addresses. I have never had this number of attempts on any of my Wordpress websites. Any ideas how I can stop them from even being able to try and login? I thought hiding the login url would have worked.

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Thanks for the feedback, I have already taken these steps. I do this for all my websites. How are the hackers able to even try and login to my site if I changed the login url to an obscure url? –  user3050115 Jan 16 at 14:09
Login url is easily to detect. As you can always access wp-login.php page. Instead of changing wp-admin folder name. –  Rikesh Jan 16 at 14:12
I have changed the url to the login page though? –  user3050115 Jan 16 at 17:57
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