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Since some time i have to do some XML exports for the new SEPA thing (doesn't matter if you don't know what it is :P). I have different Versions of this thing and i need to validate them all against the given xsd files. The Problem is that 1 of this xsd-Versions is made out of 2 xsd files. They are nested and i know which one is the first ("Parent" of others). In the XML-File i use namespaces to define in which xsd the childnote is defined (<CBIBdySDDReq xmlns="urn:CBI:xsd:CBIBdySDDReq.00.00.06" xmlns:msg="urn:CBI:xsd:CBISDDReqLogMsg.00.00.06">). I am using XML-Tools Plugin for Notepad++ for the other tests but it is not able to find and validate against the other xsd files cause i can only give 1 xsd to validate against as Parameter. Is there a tool that is able to test my generated XML files against those xsd files?

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Firstly, you should consider yourself lucky that you didn't get heavily downvoted... if only because tools that are to do things (recommendations) are outside the scope here...

Nonetheless, if this is about how to achieve what you need using the tool that you're already using... and for which I've seen lots of issues reported on SO... then one approach which would work anytime someone has the limitation of being able to provide a single XSD file... is to create such an XSD file which underneath would import all the other XSD files that you need referenced.

This is an example of a stub XSD that would work in your case:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- XML Schema generated by QTAssistant/XSD Module (http://www.paschidev.com) -->
<xsd:schema elementFormDefault="qualified" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
    <xsd:import namespace="(a)" schemaLocation="(b)"/>


(a) is the value you see in the targetNamespace attribute of the xsd:schema you wish referenced; if there's no targetNamespace, then remove the namespace attribute (and add a targetNamespace containing some dummy value to the stub XSD)

(b) the location of the file containing the XSD you want to reference. Start by using the full path here; as you learn more about XSD or your tool, you may reach the conclusion that it is better, if supported by your tool, to provide the relative URI, that is between the location of your "stub" XSD (it really is an "aggregator") and the other referenced XSD. Relative URIs are friendlier in terms of moving your stuff around (as a whole unit, as in zipping all your files and send to someone else). An example... if the files are in the same folder, you simply have to put here the name of the file.

Add one xsd:import line for each of the XSDs that are not "reachable" through all the other XSDs, or that your tool seems to complain about as non-reachable.

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Thnks for the answer. I am new to SO so i did not know that it does not belong here. I thought that if the tool helps me by developing the Export code for the XML File which is the case it is okay to post it here. The other XML-XSD related questions on SO i have seen so far were about implementing an own Validation System. Thanks for the fast and clear answer (: –  Springrbua Jan 16 at 14:52
@Springrbua, no worries; recommending tools is bound to yield polemics, at least in most cases... The best tool is the one that one knows and does what one needs... and given the format and focus of SO... –  Petru Gardea Jan 16 at 14:54
I have seen that questions on SO should not be opinion based and i ll try to think about it next time. Thanks –  Springrbua Jan 16 at 15:02

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