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The bottom of the FCKEditor seems to cut off - the border is not seen. This only happens in Google Chrome. IE and Firefox seem to be ok. This is the FCKEditor control with barely any customization.

alt text

Is there anyway to fix this?

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Appears to be a known bug in FCKEditor 2.6.5. Dravis in the CKEditor forums has posted a patch to fix the height calculation here:


(Copied from link, in case the forums are down):

In fckeditor.html, I changed line 286 from this:

eInnerElement.style.height = ( oCell.scrollHeight - 2 ) + 'px' ;

To this:

if ( FCKBrowserInfo.IsSafari )
   eInnerElement.style.height = ( oCell.scrollHeight - 19 ) + 'px' ;
   eInnerElement.style.height = ( oCell.scrollHeight - 2 ) + 'px' ;
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Just FYI, the latest update of Chrome seems to have fixed this issue. So the code above is not necessary. –  AngryHacker Mar 20 '10 at 17:06

I see this a lot with Chrome, even on the simplest webpages. Chrome fails to render the bottom 100px or so, showing it as white or showing the contents of another tab. Here's a screenshot that someone posted: http://i46.tinypic.com/21l061k.jpg

FYI I'm running the very latest version of Chrome so there may be an ongoing issue.

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