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I'm looking to separate business logic from presentation in a project, but the business logic is written using a mixture of tag libraries. Are there any good resources for going from one taglib to another, converting Scriptlet code to EL and back, etc?

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Head First Servlets and JSP by Bates & Sierra is good.

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Scoping - EL, Struts Tags, JSP Equivalent forms
Particularly in "Using the JSP 2.0 Expression Language with Jakarta Struts"

Logic and Bean Tags - Related JSTL Mechanisms (Page 28,29)

Struts Logic Tag attribute descriptions
Struts Bean Tag attribute descriptions

The Struts documentation on also lists JSTL equivalents for a few tags, as well as descriptions of tag attributes, but I personally found it to be less than thorough on the former, and less readable than the IBM documentation on the latter.

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