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I have executed the following query:

SELECT productid,
FORMAT(productid, 'd10') AS str_productid
FROM Production.Products;

I it is sayng that 'FORMAT' is not a recognized built-in function name. I am using the TSQL2012 database and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express. Can some one tell me what is wrong? The Express verssion has not included Format function?

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probably there are problems with installation or you don't have enough access to system databases –  user1455836 Jan 16 at 11:05
It is possible, because I have seen that SYSDATETIME is not recognised too. How to fix this? –  thedarkside ofthemoon Jan 16 at 11:10
what does this select compatibility_level, name from sys.databases command output? –  user1455836 Jan 16 at 11:18
90 for all databases –  thedarkside ofthemoon Jan 16 at 11:19
90 = SQL Server 2005 , try to adjust compatibility level –  user1455836 Jan 16 at 11:21

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Try this

ALTER DATABASE database_name 

here are details

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It does not allow that, the maximum is 90, is there another method? Reinstalling or something like this? –  thedarkside ofthemoon Jan 16 at 11:30
I have found it: I was connected on an old server. Just switch the servers and it is ok. –  thedarkside ofthemoon Jan 16 at 12:21

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