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I am using Selenium with Python. I have a table. I found the row which has the text 'Honorable' in it by using this Xpath :-

element = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//*[contains(., 'Honorable')]")

Now I need to click the Edit button which has the below HTML (taken from Chrome's Inspector Tools)

<a id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:editLink

The full HTML is:

<tr class="rich-table-row rich-table-firstrow ">
    <td class="rich-table-cell " id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:j_id347" width="auto">
    <td class="rich-table-cell alignCenter" id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:j_id350" width="auto">
        <img id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:activeic" src="images/yes.gif" alt="active">
    <td class="rich-table-cell " id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:j_id352" width="auto">
        General Prefix
    <td class="rich-table-cell " id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:j_id360" width="auto">
    <td class="rich-table-cell " id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:column6" width="auto">
        <a id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:editLink" href="#" onclick="if(typeof jsfcljs == 'function'){jsfcljs(document.forms['prefixmasterListForm'],'prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:editLink,prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:editLink,prefixMasterId,15661602','');}return false">
            <img src="images/iconedit.gif" alt="Edit" class="image">
        <a id="prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:deleteLink" href="#" onclick="if(typeof jsfcljs == 'function'){jsfcljs(document.forms['prefixmasterListForm'],'prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:deleteLink,prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:deleteLink,prefixMasterId,15661602,prefixMasterName,Honorable','');}return false">
            <img src="images/icondelete.gif" alt="delete" class="image">

How do i get hold of that Edit link element using XPath?

Based on Arran's help i also checked that the column next to 'Honorable' has an image with alt=inactive like this

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The td that has it's text equal to 'Honorable', then get the td following it, that has an a inside it, which has an image within it that has it's alt attribute set to 'Edit'

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Now what if i want to check the image in the next TD to 'Honorable' which has an alt of 'Inactive' ? //td[normalize-space(text())='Honorable']/following-sibling::td//img[@alt='inact‌​ive']" –  Chakra Jan 16 '14 at 13:16
@Chakra Correct. If it doesn't work correctly, let us know by creating a new question. –  Arran Jan 16 '14 at 13:21

Easy: //tr[td[contains(., 'Honorable')]]/td/a[contains(@id, ':editLink)] - literally, the A contained in the TD contained in the TR that also contains a TD that contains the string "Honorable".

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Try: //a[@id='prefixmasterListForm:prefixMasterTable:0:editLink']

P.S.If you want to verify or do some easy job with xpath, you can install FF + FireBug + FirePath

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