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I'm trying to put dynamicaly a LinkLabel (also I traied to put a button) in a TabPage:

LinkLabel newLinkLabelButton = new LinkLabel();
newLinkLabelButton.Text = "Login";
newLinkLabelButton.Name = "linkLabel_11";

Now I'm trying to find this control on the specificf TabPage with function

newLoginLinkLabel = (LinkLabel)Helper.GetLinkLabelByTagAndfamily(tabs.TabPages[0], _name);

where the function body is:

public static Control GetControlByTagAndfamily(TabPage _tab, string _name)
  Control rez = new Control();
  foreach (Control ctrl in _tab.Controls)
      if (ctrl.Name == _name)
        rez = ctrl;
   return rez;

But the function never founds a LinkLabel or a Button inside _tab.Controls collection. I observed the collection contains founds Labels only, if I trying to find some labels inside.

Pleas help to solve this.

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At what point of the page life cycle are you adding the dynamic controls? And at what point are you trying to find them? –  Andrei Jan 16 at 11:25
By the way, if (ctrl.Name == _name) return ctrl; would suffice, no need for break; –  Ondrej Janacek Jan 16 at 11:32
@Andrei I add LinkLabel at on Form1_Load. Then, I'm tryind to find-it on some button Click event. –  kirpi4 Jan 16 at 12:11
You could rewrite the body of the helper-method to a much shorter solution: return _tabl.Controls.OfType<LinkLabel>().SingleOrDefault(c => c.Name == _name) for finding a LinkLabel or return _tabl.Controls.Cast<Control>().SingleOrDefault(c => c.Name == _name) for any control. –  Abbas Jan 16 at 13:48

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Well, my problem is solved, the code above is correct. The problem was in wrong _name calculation before using it in

GetControlByTagAndfamily(TabPage _tab, string _name);
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