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Using bjam on ubuntu, I am building a c++ shared library and trying to use it in an executable. I have to build as shared since it wont link as static (lots of undefined references arise). Thats fine.

Two related problems:

1) Using a heirarchy of Jamfiles, my exe project (testServerHub) has a dependency on the shared library (pythonManager). Here's the Jamfile for the exe:

echo "Compiling serverHub//test" ;

# declare project name
project serverHub//testServerHub
    : build-dir ../_gcc/intermediate 

# build unit-test using these source files, dependent libraries and settings
exe testServerHub
    : # Source

      # Dependent libraries by path and project name

    : # Settings

install ..\\bin : testServerHub ; 

And here's my lib Jamfile:

echo "Compiling serverHub/controller//pythonManager" ;

# declare project name
project serverHub/controller//pythonManager     
    : requirements 
    : build-dir ../../_gcc/intermediate 

# build library using these source files and settings
lib pythonManager 
    : ../../../../common/0_8_1/controller/pythonManager/pythonManager.cpp
    : <link>shared

# copy and rename
install ../../lib : pythonManager ; 

If I run 'bjam pythonManager' the pythonManager shared library is built and copied to my project lib folder (by the final install command). However if I run 'bjam test', both testServerHub and pythonManager are built, but the is not copied to the project lib folder - the install command doens't run!

2) Okay, so as a temporary workaround, I build first and then build testServerHub executable. Both compile and link. At runtime, the executable complains about not being able to find Not a great surprise since the runtime linker doesn't know about my project lib folder. How do I tell it to look in a certain directory for shared libraries? or how do I install into /usr/local/lib if the install command has no effect on dependent library builds?

Thank you very much


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One approach is to use unit-test rule instead of exe rule. In this case, shared libraries are somehow linked at runtime. This doesn't help my main executable though. What is the proper way to do this on linux? – Simon Pickles Jan 22 '10 at 14:19
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I think that you could use <install-dependencies>on in the exe Jamfile, like in

install ..\\bin : testServerHub : <install-dependencies>on <install-type>LIB ;

This will install all the libraries (LIB) on which the exe depends.

See eg as a reference.

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