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I include the following in my native extension :-

#include "qpid/client/Connection.h"
#include "qpid/client/Message.h"
#include "qpid/client/Session.h"

My Dart code using the native extension works, all fine and dandy, if however I include this :-

#include "qpid/client/SubscriptionManager.h" 

I suddenly get :-

cannot find extension library'file:///home/steve/Development/google/dart/projects/amqp_client/lib/amqp_client.dart': error: line 10 pos 1: library handler failed import 'dart-ext:so/amqp_extension';

So, why is this, my build system and readelf are saying there's nothing wrong with the .so file, it looks like a bug if so its a bit of show stopper for me.

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Fixed, this was a library path problem on my development box, see issue 16140 for an explanation.

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