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What's the definition of a Shim?

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From Wikipedia:

In computer programming, a shim is a small library that transparently intercepts an API, changing the parameters passed, handling the operation itself, or redirecting the operation elsewhere. Shims typically come about when the behaviour of an API changes, thereby causing compatibility issues for older applications that still rely on the older functionality. In these cases, the older API can still be supported by a thin compatibility layer on top of the newer code. Shims can also be used to run programs on different software platforms than they were developed for.

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Gets thrown around a lot in javascript speak. –  thenaglecode May 30 '14 at 2:15

As for origins of the word, quoth Apple's Dictionary widget

   a washer or thin strip of material used to align parts, 
   make them fit, or reduce wear.

verb ( shimmed, shimming) [ trans. ]
   wedge (something) or fill up (a space) with a shim.

ORIGIN early 18th cent.: of unknown origin

This seems to fit quite well with how web designers use the term.

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Shims are used in .net 4.5 Microsoft Fakes framework to isolate your application from other assemblies for unit testing. Shims divert calls to specific methods to code that you write as part of your test

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