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I have a server with centos running rails application each time when I reboot my system I have doing following tasks manually. How to enable all the following tasks in start up

To stop and start my nginx I am using

sudo fuser -k 80/tcp # to stop
sudo /opt/nginx/sbin/nginx # to start

And to start my postgresql I am using following command

service postgresql-9.2 start/stop/restart

Once I connect my server using ssh and try some postgresql command ill get error as

postgresql-9.2: unrecognized service

To avoid this am using command

export PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.2/bin:$PATH

And then ill use postgresql(Doing export command each time when I connect through ssh).

And I am using ghost blog facing same issue whenever I reboot my server I need to run following command to start my ghost blog

NODE_ENV=production forever start index.js

How to solve all these. Can any one help

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You can add the process in your init script that is at /etc/init.d/ .You can further read run script on startup

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