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is there any way to get the list of userName from a table where userId are many,

userId      userName
1              abc
2              xyz
3              pqr

please seaa below the query i wish to execute via jdbcTemplate,

String query = "Select userName from table_1 where userId = {1,2,3}";

HashMap<int,String> = jdbcTemplate.queryForMap(sql);

 // HashMap - int : userId, String - userName
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You should probably use

select userName from Table where user_id in (1, 2, 3);
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Yes, @Stelian Galimati I would say answers your question directly. However, if want to have more flexibility with your querys I would recommend looking up nested SQL selects. This may be a helpful beginners tutorial for you. In addition, there is this that will allow you to test out your SQL. A quick example of this would be:

FROM table_1
WHERE userName IN {
    SELECT userName
    From table_2
    WHERE userLastName = "Smith"

To elaborate on @Stelian Galimatis answer, if you wanted to select any number of user_names given a number of parameters (which may be objects and not int values) you could additionally use named parameters as such,

SELECT userName
FROM table_1
WHERE userId IN {

Additional tutorials you may find more helpful to you at Tutorials Point.

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Thanks Prancer for detail description. –  user1010399 Jan 23 '14 at 9:20

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