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My current application uses a UIDocumentInteractionController to preview some files (for now, images and PDF files) and does a relatively good job doing so.

Now, I have the following workflow:

  1. Download PDF file from my server to my apps' Documents directory
  2. Open UIDIC with the file
  3. Tap Open with... and select an external PDF editing app (I use Adobe Reader because it's free and everybody knows it)
  4. Edit the PDF form in Adobe Reader, enter some text here, mark some checkboxes there
  5. Tap Open with... and select my application
  6. In my app delegate, openURL handles the new file; if the size or modification date has been changed [1], the new version is uploaded to the server AND the file in my Documents directory is overwritten with the file from the Inbox directory

[1] I can't rely on NSFileManagers contentEqualAtPath here because the file name might have been changed by the external program.

By opening the modified file from my Documents directory with external programs (I use iFunbox and a PDF viewer on my MacBook), I can see the changes I've made in step 4. But whenever I try to open the file from within my app using the UIDIC, all text fields are empty and selection lists are somewhat reset.

Is this some kind of limitation to the UIDIC? Is there any other possibility to make my app show interactive PDF elements?

Thanks in advance :)

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