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i have got 3 tables

User UserHasBasicTheme (join table user.id, user_theme.id) UserTheme

I would like to use findAll method to get All UserTheme by given user.id

Each table has own model.

I tried to do by using:

$this->UserTheme->bindModel(array('hasOne' => array('UserHasBasicTheme')));
 $this->UserTheme->find('all', array(
'conditions' => array('UserHasBasicTheme.user_id' => $this->id)

But example below is returning error: Call to a member function bindModel() on a non-object

Im calling it on User controller.

I would like to ask, how would that be correct?

Thanks for any advice.

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It would be $this->User->UserTheme –  tigrang Jan 16 at 16:50
Unfortunately, same problem Call to a member function find() on a non-object. –  redrom Jan 16 at 17:01
Please state the relation between them clearly? –  Anubhav Jan 17 at 16:37

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Do you have the $uses property defined?

public $uses = array('UserTheme', 'User', 'UserHasBasicTheme');

for the controller?

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