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I am using the following code for getting value from the database:

But when i wrote this code (testing as to see where the problem is..) i noticed the query is not fetching the distinct value out from the database: Here is the query

select distinct( id, as accName, as pareentIsu, as subIsu , dv.domain_value as contractType, as accId,dvct.domain_value as contractstatus
from contracts_account ca left join business_unit pIsu on ca.parent_isu_fk =
left join business_unit sIsu on ca.sub_isu_fk =
left join business_unit acc on ca.account_fk =
left join contracts con on con.contracts_account_fk =
left join domain_values dv on = con.contract_type_fk
left join domain_values dvct on = con.contract_status_fk
where is not null and con.contract_type_fk in ( 4466079 ) order by

This query is simply not returning me 'Distinct Id'
What am i doing wrong? I am using postgres 8.2

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Select distinct col1, col2, col3 ... will not return just distinct col1 values, it will return distinct col1 + col2 + col3 combinations – Dan Jan 16 '14 at 15:50

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Your query is interpreted as:

select distinct ( as id, as accName, . . .

This is a standard distinct statement. If you want just one row per with values from the first row (based on the order by), then use distinct on:

select distinct on (, as accName, . . .
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Are you perhaps trying to use PostgreSQL's DISTINCT ON syntax?

ie. missing the ON?

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