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I have a highly customized Edit control which inherits RichTextBox. I needed a way to bind a Value to this control, so I registered a new DependencyProperty, but I have trouble to code it like I need.

public static readonly DependencyProperty ValueProperty =
            DependencyProperty.Register("Value", typeof(string), typeof(XliffRichCellEditor),
            new PropertyMetadata(new PropertyChangedCallback(XliffRichCellEditor.OnValuePropertyChanged)));
public String Value
    get { return (String)this.GetValue(ValueProperty); }
    set { this.SetValue(ValueProperty, value); }

private static void OnValuePropertyChanged(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
    // Need to change Document in  RichTextBox when Binding Source is changed
    // But also ignore if the change comes from RichTextBox which is only updating
    // the DependencyProperty. In this case Binding Source should be updated.

Please help.

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use can use UpdateSourceTrigger=Explicit in your Binding statement and get the control of property updation in your hand.

Check this Thread

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