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I have encountered a problem that has me absolutely baffled. IE (versions 9-11) allows me to "click-through" to the program behind it in very specific cases. This is what I've been able to figure out so far:

  • Reproducible in IE 9-11
  • There must be a program behind the IE window at the spot where you are clicking
  • Only occurs when there is one tab in the current window, multiple tabs solves it
  • Seems to only happen when clicking on tags
  • Can happen on the first, second, or third click (not double/triple clicks, but two/three consecutive clicks)
  • Does not fire the click event on the

There is a bit of information about the bug (or at least something similar) that was occurring in Gmail, but there's not a whole lot more information out there. Also, it appears that Google has fixed the issue somehow (also no information about that).

An obvious workaround is to open a second tab or to not have windows behind IE, but that's a hard line to give to customers who already are insistent on using browsers as old as IE 6. If anybody has any information or ideas on how to best solve this, I'd be ecstatic to hear them. Thanks!

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