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I am trying to retrieve a value from a memcached Couchbase bucket using the Java SDK without success. The value was serialized from .NET Is it possible to do this using the REST API?

In couchbase buckets, you just need to send a get request like this:


and the value is returned.

I have a memcached value, and even though I have the keys, I cannot extract any values. When in "COUCHBASE_BUCKET" I put the name of the memcached bucket i get 404 not found.

I tried a lot of variations like /pools/buckets, or pools/default/bucket before memcached bucket name, but with no success. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

In a comment, user scalabilitysolved suggested to use the Java api, which was my first choice

client = new CouchbaseClient(nodes, "Bucket", "password");
Object getObject = client.get("1key");
// Print the value from synchronous get
if (getObject != null) {
    System.out.println("Synchronous Get Suceeded: ");;
} else {
    System.err.println("Synchronous Get failed");

the response in console is this:

2014-01-17 09:17:40.421 INFO com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseMemcachedConnection:  Added {QA sa=xxxxxxxxx:11210, #Rops=0, #Wops=0, #iq=0, topRop=null, topWop=null, toWrite=0, interested=0} to connect queue
2014-01-17 09:17:40.430 INFO com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseClient:  CouchbaseConnectionFactory{, bucket='Bucket', nodes=[http://xxxxxxx:8091/pools], order=RANDOM, opTimeout=2500, opQueue=16384, opQueueBlockTime=10000, obsPollInt=10, obsPollMax=500, obsTimeout=5000, viewConns=10, viewTimeout=75000, viewWorkers=1, configCheck=10, reconnectInt=1100, failureMode=Redistribute, hashAlgo=NATIVE_HASH}
2014-01-17 09:17:40.431 INFO com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseClient:  viewmode property isn't defined. Setting viewmode to production mode
2014-01-17 09:17:40.431 INFO com.couchbase.client.CouchbaseMemcachedConnection:  Connection state changed for
2014-01-17 09:17:40.489 INFO net.spy.memcached.auth.AuthThread:  Authenticated to /xxxxxx:11210
Synchronous Get failed
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i have already had a look on that, but didn't find the answer.Have you? –  gandalf_the_cool Jan 16 '14 at 17:57
Why not just use one of the sdks? –  scalabilitysolved Jan 16 '14 at 18:13
i used the java sdk, with no success. in detail: I use client.get(KEY), where KEY is the string key, the way I see it in Top keys table, via the HTTP page , for the specific bucket. The error I am getting is this: WARN net.spy.memcached.transcoders.SerializingTranscoder: Undecodeable with flags fa00 return object is null. This means that the memcached bucket seems to have an alternative behavior. –  gandalf_the_cool Jan 16 '14 at 18:24
Well the java sdk works for me with memcached buckets, edit your question to include the java code you were using to set and get the key. The more detail the better, the rest api route you are taking is 100% not the direction to go in. –  scalabilitysolved Jan 16 '14 at 19:59

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The reason that your probably having trouble is because the Couchbase Java SDK serializes data before storing it into Couchbase (and memcached). In order to know how the data was serialized the SDK uses the flags field in the message to indicate how the data is serialized.

It sounds like you have some weird value in your flags field which is causing the Java SDK to not know what to do with the data since it sees an unexpected value in the flags field.

My guess is that you set the data into Couchbase using something other the the Java SDK. The first thing I would do is to only use the Java SDK to make sure you can set and retrieve data.

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Hello mikewied. This is probably the reason, since the dev team stores stuff into memcache using .NET api.This serialiazation thing, happens for the reasons you described, and happens for couchbase and memcaceh buckets. However if I use the Java api, to set a new document and get it , it works. Since our test infrastructure uses java,I need to use java, to retrieve values. In the case of couchbase bucket, i bypassed this problem, by sending a get request (written in java).However i cannot do the same for the memcached bucket. –  gandalf_the_cool Jan 17 '14 at 5:28
I had problem with flags with C# and Node.js client, but after some time Node.js client was patched for manually setting flags, so maybe Java SDK have the same option to set flags. –  m03geek Jan 17 '14 at 9:56
You should be able to turn off serialization somehow. That's really your only option if you want to use both SDK's at the same time because even if you were to get the flags fields to match with both SDK's then the next issue you would have would be that each language would likely serialize similar types in different way. I can ask around to figure out the best way to handle this. I'll try to post back later. –  mikewied Jan 18 '14 at 1:55
After asking around the recommendation for how to store values when using multiple SDK's is to store everything in JSON and not serialize any of the data. –  mikewied Jan 20 '14 at 18:47

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