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Can some one help me with this massive? I have a simple form and a submit button. After pressing the submit button, get the values (they will be numbers) and calculate the sum. And again calculate the sum of individual digits stored in sum. A better explanation: 1+2+3+4=10 where 1,2,3 and 4 are user inputs from the form. And the sum 10 has to be split-ted and summed again as 1+0=1. And this would be my final result. So far I did the task where it gives me the first sum. I don't know what to do to display the second result which I want to be the finale

if (!isset($_POST['submit'])) {

echo " ";
  else  {
        $a = array($_POST['textfield'],$_POST['textfield1'],$_POST['textfield2'],$_POST['textfield3'],$_POST['textfield4'],$_POST['textfield5'],$_POST['textfield6'],$_POST['textfield7'],$_POST['textfield8'],$_POST['textfield9'],$_POST['textfield10'],$_POST['textfield11'],);
                for ($i=0; $i<=12; $i++) {

        $sum= array_sum($a);

        $total= ;



         echo "sbora e: $total "; 
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How do you arrive at the second sum? Where does 1 and 0 come from? –  BenM Jan 16 at 17:11
well they should take values from the $sum –  user3194814 Jan 16 at 17:12
Yes, but which values? Do you mean it should take the result and add them together? What if the answer > 99? –  BenM Jan 16 at 17:13
yes i want to take the value of the first result if it is 99 then in the second result it has to calculate them 9 + 9 wich is 18 does that make sence sorry for my english not from around :) –  user3194814 Jan 16 at 17:17
Possible duplicate of stackoverflow.com/questions/5729853/… –  Viswalinga Surya S Jan 16 at 17:18
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$total = array_sum(str_split($sum));

Using Artefacto's method.

On another note,

$a = array($_POST['textfield'],$_POST['textfield1'],$_POST['textfield2'],$_POST['textfield3'],$_POST['textfield4'],$_POST['textfield5'],$_POST['textfield6'],$_POST['textfield7'],$_POST['textfield8'],$_POST['textfield9'],$_POST['textfield10'],$_POST['textfield11'],);

can be written as,

$a = array();
for ($i = 0; $i <= 11; $i++){
     if (isset($_POST["textfield_$i"]))
     array_push($a, $_POST["textfield_$i"]);

if the names of the fields are:

textfield_0, textfield_1, textfield_2...
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thanks man just what i was looking for –  user3194814 Jan 16 at 17:20
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So you want to build the cross sum of your first result:

$result2 = 0;
//cast integer to string
$strTotal = (string) $total;
//loop over "chars" and add them to your second result
for($i=0; $i < strlen($strTotal); $i++)
    $result2 += $strTotal{$i};
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