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How do I set up closure compiler annotation / externs to compile the following properly?

var ac, volumeNode;
var load_sound = true;
var contextClass = (window.AudioContext || 
        window.webkitAudioContext || 
        window.mozAudioContext || 
        window.oAudioContext || 
if (contextClass) {
    ac = new contextClass();
    volumeNode = ac.createGain();
} else {
    load_sound = false;

Currently it renames createGain, destination, window.AudioContext, and so on.

I know I can use ["properly"] syntax to access everything, but that will create a lot of mess in my code. Is there a simpler way?

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You'll find the extern file in the project contrib/extern folder: https://closure-compiler.googlecode.com/git/contrib/externs/w3c_audio.js

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