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I'm using webfaction to make a simple static website. I think I have done everything correctly, but still my static files (i.e css, images) are not being served. I used this guide to set things up:

I did everything they told me to, so in brief:

1) made a separate static media application

2) updated

3) ran

python collectstatic 

All of the above went pretty much according to plan and I can now see my static files in the staticfile application that I named personalsitestatic. My django application is called personalsite.

The directory structure looks like this:

  • webapps
    • htdocs
    • personalsite
      • apache2
      • bin
      • lib
      • PersonalWebsite
        • PersonalWebsite
          •,, ect
        • main
          •,, static files directory, ect
    • personalstiestatic
      • bootstrap
      • custom

This is what the relevant values in my looks like:

STATIC_ROOT = '/home/<myname>/webapps/personalsitestatic/'
STATIC_URL = 'http://<sitename>.com/static/'

I don't have any additional static directories outside of main/static so I am not using STATIC_DIRS. The templates appear to be loading fine, just none of the static files. When I inspect with firefox's debugger/inspect element thing it just says "stylesheet could not be loaded". Can anyone help me out here or at least give me some suggestions for debugging?

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it looks correct you may need to put a ticket in with your webfaction guys. is the django admin working correctly? i know they offer similar instructions to get the /static/admin working. –  Chris Hawkes Jan 16 '14 at 19:40
I am not using django admin, so I'm not sure on that. –  ohhh Jan 16 '14 at 19:47

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I was being silly and did not mount it to the /static url, hope this helps someone!

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I added those two lines to my httpd.conf, after some research this seems to be the safest and best performing way to serve static contents with Apache.

Alias /media/ /home/USERNAME/webapps/APPNAME/media/
Alias /static/ /home/USERNAME/webapps/APPNAME/staticfiles/

Notice i kept the static and media folders outside the "myproject" folder (the one containing py files) since I have a hook in the git repo self deploying the app, so i don't want those files to be in the way.

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