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I want to to a simple Integer division, and I get this in Hugs

Hugs> :load prog.hs
ERROR file:prog.hs:30 - Instance of Fractional Int required for definition of lastf

My simple program goes like this

lastf 1 = 0 
lastf n = if even n then (2*n+1) else (n/2)

What am I doing wrong ? How can I simply do a division ?

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If you want to do integer division, just use div:

lastf n = if even n then 2 * n + 1 else n `div` 2

The reason why is because Int does not implement the / operator, it is reserved for Fractional types, like Float and Double. Obviously, if you do 3 / 2 and you want 1.5 back, you can't represent that as an Int, you'd have to use a Float or Double (or any type that implements the Fractional typeclass).

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so the `` are necessary.... –  maximegir Jan 16 at 20:11
@maximegir It could also be written div n 2, the ``'s are just to make a function infix –  jozefg Jan 16 at 20:12
That's only if you want to use it in infix notation. You can also use it as div n 2. This actually works for all functions that take 2 arguments: (+1) `map` [1, 2, 3] would return [2, 3, 4], or [1..3] `zip` [5,10..] would return [(1, 5), (2, 10), (3, 15)] –  bheklilr Jan 16 at 20:15
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