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I am using php 5.4.4 running as UTF-8, and im not sure if I am using htmlspecialchars right.

My strings / vars look like this:

$text = "<p><span class='clx'>By:</span> ".htmlspecialchars($foo)."</span></p>";
echo $text;

Do I have need to use ENT_QUOTES or is that only necessary when I have to echo something

inside eg: href="$foo" or id='$foo' ?

Atm, om only using htmlspecialchars inside closed html tags and not attributes.

Just concatenate the var inside the string within a <p> tag and a </p> tag


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You should use it whenever you want to encode quotes in addition to the other html entities. To clarify, there are no set rules for when to use a function/argument. The only answer is, use it when you need it. –  Jonathan Kuhn Jan 16 '14 at 20:18

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You should generally use it when taking data from database and inserting it into html elements. This is so that quotes from the data don't close the value quotes and mess up the html.

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Thanks, im using it against XSS, am I using it right on my first code snippet? ...$text = –  user2722667 Jan 16 '14 at 20:26
Since im not inserting data inside any attributes, just between open/closing tags –  user2722667 Jan 16 '14 at 20:28
Yup, you're doing it right. ENT_QUOTES is not necessary in your first example. –  Andrew Clark Jan 16 '14 at 20:30
Thanks, got it now :) –  user2722667 Jan 16 '14 at 20:31

Short answer: Always.

Long answer: I highly recommend reading OWASP's PHP Top 5 and PHP Security Cheat Sheet

The OWASP Top 5 covers the five most serious and common security vulnerabilities afflicting PHP today:

  • Remote Code Execution
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) [The one htmlspecialchars is trying to prevent]
  • SQL Injection
  • PHP Configuration
  • File System Attacks

It demonstrates common mistakes and solutions and is well worth reading for any PHP developer even considering hosting a live website.

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Thanks for the links! Really useful –  user2722667 Jan 16 '14 at 20:56

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